ControlInfoIcon Description

Nodes of this type are used as children of Attribute or Variable nodes. It allows the developer to select the control info of the field. Nodes belonging to this type are useful in two scenarios:

  • To filter the values a certain field can contain.
  • To define fields corresponding to an attribute (typically a Primary Key) which will appear on the screen showing a different value. For example, the developer may define a filter on an attribute called "CountryId", but determine that the value shown must be the corresponding "CountryName".

The usage of this node is similar to GeneXus Control Information.

Runtime appearance

In the examples below, the developer wants to filter invoices by customer name. A Filter variable node was included to generate the corresponding field in the web form. If no more actions are performed, the field generated for the variable will be the default one (a simple "Edit" textfield).

The images below shows how this default behaviour can be changed. 

ControlInfoDynamicComboRT ContolInfoDynamicListBoxRT ControlInfoSuggestRT
Dynamic Combo Box Control Info Dynamic List Box Control Info Suggest control info


The properties associated with this node are the same as control info property in GeneXus. See Control Info GeneXus documentation for a detailed explanation of the properties.