FreeStyleSectionIcon Description

This type of node is used to describe the layout of the items inside a Free style grid defined in K2BTools. Nodes of this type exist only inside Free Style Grid nodes, and serve merely as a container for other nodes which define the layout.

To see the flexibility in the definition of layouts when using Free style grids inside K2BWebPanelDesigner, see all the possible children that can be added to the layout's definition.

Runtime appearance

FreeStyleGridInstance FreeStyleGridRuntime
Free style grid definition Runtime appearance

Two images are shown above: The definition of a Free Style Grid in K2BWebPanelDesigner, and the runtime appearance for this instance. Note how many types of controls can be included as contents in the free style grid, such as groups, tabs, and line separators. More options are available (See child nodes). In this case, a User Region with an image was added, and a line separator was included with a grid showing the invoices for each client. There is plenty of room for customization.

Child nodes

ActionsIcon Actions   GroupIcon Group   ColumnsIcon Columns
TabsIcon Tabs   LineSeparatorIcon LineSeparator   AttributesIcon Attributes
WebComponentIcon WebComponent   EmbeddedPageIcon EmbeddedPage   GridIcon Grid (WPD)
FreeStyleGridIcon FreeStyleGrid   UserRegionIcon UserRegion   ImageNode Image
TextblockIcon Textblock   QueryViewerNode QueryViewer