Grid Settings menus in grids


The K2BFlat UX includes a new component called “Grid Settings”. This component is always associated with a grid, and determines its behavior. In particular, it allows controlling (depending on the grid's configuration):

  1. Which columns are visible in the grid
  2. The order in which results are displayed
  3. The number of rows included in the grid.

The objective of this component is to hide controls not frequently used (such as the "Order By" selector), to free space in the interface that can otherwise be used more efficiently.

Runtime Appearance

Grid settings appearance


The configuration of this component varies depending on the tool being used (Web Panel Designer or Patterns). The developer must set the properties especific to each tool in its corresponding settings node in the KB Preferences section. The properties that affect the generation of this component are the following:

  • Generate Grid Settings: Determines whether the component should be generated.
  • Grid Settings Label: Determines the text used for the grid settings control.
  • Grid Settings Save Label: Determines the text used in the “Save Changes” button of the

These properties are available in the general settings of K2BTools patterns and in the Web Panel Designer settings.

When enabled, the generation of the control for a specific grid depends also on the configuration of that grid. Most importantly, the component is generated only if content exists for the specific grid. That is to say, it is generated if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The grid allows selecting columns at runtime (according to the "Allow Column Selection" property).
  2. The grid has more than one associated order (according to the "Order" node).
  3. The grid allows selecting the number of rows at runtime (according to the "Page Options" property).