DataSelectorIcon Description

This node can be used to use a DataSelector in a WorkWith or an SubWorkWith node. This data selector will be used in the grid included in the interface, and in the Report and Export actions.


This node affects the interface it is contained in. Use the "Universal Default Data Selector" property in K2BToolsPatterns General Settings to initialize this globally.


Category Name Value
General Data Selector Object Contains a reference to the data selector that should be used in this interface.

Child nodes

ArgumentsIcon Arguments


When the DataSelector object includes parameters, Arguments nodes may be included to instantiate those parameters. In order to do so, an Arguments node must be added as a child of the DataSelector node, and Argument nodes must be added to that node.

K2BTools assumes that the DataSelector receives the &Context variable as a parameter, so that parameter is fixed.

The amount of Argument nodes added in the Arguments node must match the amount of parameters in the DataSelector object, minus the context variable. Each Argument node must specify a value for the corresponding parameter in its "Value" property.