Component group

TabsIcon Description

This node defines the components present in an EntityManager interface.

Runtime appearance

In the following example, the EntityManager contains two components: General and Invoices.

EntityManagerDefinition EntityManagerSectionRT
EntityManager Definition EntityManager Runtime Appearance


Category Name Value
General Code Identifier for this component group. Must be unique inside a Component group node.

Title for the component group.

Icon Icon used to identify this component. Not available if this node is a direct child of a 'Tabs' group.
Component Distribution

This property determines how this group's children are displayed. Possible options are:

  • Tabs: Each component will be shown as a tab.
  • Table: Components will be shown in a table, with the distribution defined by the "Component Position" properties in this node's children.
  • LinkList: A list of all components will be shown in runtime. When the end user clicks on a component it will be shown in a popup screen.

For more information see Using Component Group in Entity Manager

Tabs Tab Code Included In URL Determines if the tab code will be included in the URL.
Tab Class Determines the class used to generate the tabs control.
Table Table Grouping

This property determines how this group's children are grouped.

Responsive Sizes

Determines the layout of the items contained in this control according to the screen size of the device used in runtime. For more information, see Introduction to Responsive Web Design and Responsive Sizes Properties.

Table Element Collapsible Determines if the component will be collapsible in runtime.
Start Collapsed Determines if the component will be collapsed by default in runtime.
Component Position Position of this component relative to the previous component.

Child nodes

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