K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 7.1: Creating the customer selection grid

  1. Create a new Web Panel, called “CustomerInvoices”.
  2. Go to the “Designer” part, and click on the “Activate” action.
    ActivateDesigner1 ActivateDesigner2
    Before activation After activation

  3. In the “Web Form” node, set the “Title” property to “Customer Invoices”.
  4. Save the object, see how the Web Form, Variables, and Events parts were updated.
  5. Return to the “Designer” part.
  6. In the “Web Form” node, open the contextual menu, and execute the “Add Grid From Transaction” action.
  7. Select the “Customer” transaction.
  8. A Select Layout dialog will appear. Select the Standard Grid Layout
    Dynamic Layout Selection Dialog
    Dynamic Layout Selection Dialog

  9. Aflter selecting the layout a dialog will appear, where you can select how the grid’s content will be generated: using variables or attributes. Create this grid using attributes.

The Designer tree will look like this:

Designer Tree
Designer Tree

  1. Delete all columns except “CustomerId”, “CustomerFirstName”, “CustomerLastName” and “CustomerDNI”
  2. Delete the “CustomerBirthDate” filter.
  3. Save the web panel. See how the web form was updated.