K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 7.4: Create the invoices grid

  1. Add a “Tab” nodes inside the “Tabs” node.
  2. Set the “Title” property in the second tab to “Invoices”.
  3. Execute the “Add Grid From Transaction” action inside the “Invoices” tab. Select the Invoice transaction, and choose to create a standard grid using attributes.
  4. Delete all attributes except “InvoiceCode”, “InvoiceDate”, and “InvoiceTotal”.
  5. Delete the “CustomerFirstName_Filter”, “InvoiceDate_Filter” and “InvoiceExpirationDate_Filter” filters.
  6. Add a new Variable to the “Filters” node.
  7. Inside this node, set the following properties:
    1. Name: “CustomerId_Filter”
    2. Based On: “CustomerId”.
    3. Visible: “False”.
      Customer Id Filter Properties

      (See how the “condition” was inferred automatically)
  8. Save the web panel and see how the Web Form and Events were updated.