K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 11.3 - Using Menu Sublevels

To improve the menu, we need to add some structure to it. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu, and add a SubMenu node to the Menu node.
  2. In the node you just created, set the “Code” property to “BasicEntities”
  3. Cut & Paste the Countries, Products, Units, and Customers menu options to the “BasicEntities” SubMenu. Your menu should now look like this:
    Menu partial result

  4. Add another SubMenu called “Billing”.
  5. Move the “Invoices” option to that SubMenu.
  6. Add another SubMenu called “Catalog”.
  7. Move the “Customer Invoices” and "Customer Simple Image List" option to the “Catalog” SubMenu.
  8. Inside the “Catalog” SubMenu, add another SubMenu called “ProductSelection”.
  9. Add the “Product Multiple Selection” and "ProductList" and "Grid From Data Provider" option to that SubMenu.
  10. Change the descrption "Grid From Data Provider" option to "Products Purchased"
    Menu final result

  11. Run the application and see the result.