K2BOrion Theme Log


K2BOrion theme was introduced in K2BTools 11 in order to improve the productivity of RWD applications and to generate a greate UX..



K2B Orion Theme


This page contains the history of K2BOrion theme so that a manual update can be made when upgrading a KB from one version of K2BTools to a newer one.

When using the stock theme provided by K2BTools with no modifications, the download links corresponding to the version can be used to upgrade automatically. In this case, please import the XML file using the "Theme Import Behavior" set to "Overwrite".

K2B Flat Import




K2BTools 11.1


New Classes

Type Name Changes


  1. custom properties:
    1. box-shadow: none ! important;
    2. border-color: #fff ! important;
    3. background-color: #fff !important;
    4. padding-left:10px !important;
Table K2BAnalyzer_HeaderData
  1. padding-top:10px;

  2. fore-color:#fff

Table K2BTools_AnalysisContainer
  1. text-align:center
TextBlock K2BTools_Analysis_Color2
  1. forecolor:K2BToolsAnalysis_Color2
TextBlock K2BTools_Analysis_Color3
  1. forecolor:K2BToolsAnalysis_Color3
TextBlock K2BTools_Analysis_Color4
  1. forecolor:K2BToolsAnalysis_Color4
TextBlock K2BTools_Analysis_ColorDefault
  1. forecolor:K2BTools_AccentColor
Custom K2BTools_Analysis_Container div:nth-child(2) span
  1. height:300px
  2. fontsize: 36px
  3. FontFamily: Roboto-Medium
Custom K2BToolsTable_TabularContentContainer >div >div >div.Tab
  1. margin-top:-10px
  2. margin-left: -14px
  3. margin-bottom:-10px
  4. margin-right: -14px
Custom K2BToolsTextBlock_PaginationNormal A:focus
  1. Horizontal: ""
  2. Vertical: ""
  3. Blur: ""
  4. Spread:""
  5. Color:""
  6. Inset: ""
  7. Forecolor: #666
Custom toast-warning
  1. border-bottom:2px solid
  2. border-bottom-color: #F7DF49
  3. font-family: Roboto-medium
  4. fore-color: "#F7DF49"



Type Name Changes
FreeStyleGrid FreeStyleGrid
  1. margin-right:15px;
Image Image_ToogleDownloadsAction
  1. custom-properties:
    1. pointer-events:all;
Table K2BToolsDownloadActionsTable
  1. custom-properties
    1. pointer-events:
Table K2BToolsTable_DownloadActionsContainer
  1. pointer-events:none;
Table K2BAnalyzer_HeaderData
  1. padding-top:10px;
  2. fore-color:#fff
Custom K2BToolsTable_GridConfigurationContainer .K2BToolsDownloadActionsTable .K2BToolsTableCell_ActionContainer:first-child IMG, .K2BToolsTable_GridConfigurationContainer .K2BToolsDownloadActionsTable .K2BToolsTableCell_ActionContainer:first-child INPUT
  1. margin-bottom:0px
Custom .toast-info
  1. Font-Family:Roboto-Medium
Custom VerticalTabs > .tab-content
  1. border-style:none
  2. margin-right: -15px
  3. padding-left: 0px