Generating the Advanced User Interfaces Level

Generating complex user interfaces

There are many scenarios in which user must create more complex user interfaces. For example:

  • Entering complex data without using the transaction.
  • Integrating with other applications.
  • Loading data from other sources
  • Showing many components in the user interface, for example: many grids.

Examlpe of a User Interface generated using WebPanelDesigner

All these user interfaces can be easily generated by WebPanelDesigner.

To start using this tool we recommend reading Getting started with K2BWebPanelDesigner.

K2BWebPanelDesigner development cycle example

In the following video you can see how data from other applications can be integrated easily to a Web Panel.

K2BWebPanelDesigner loading data from other sources

Generating analysis user interaces

In large applications being able to analyze what's happening in the application is essential. For this purpose GeneXus provides the Query object. This object can be easily integrated with K2BTools. For example the user interface below can be easily generated by using K2BTools.

Example of a Analysis User Interface generated by using WebPanelDesigner

The query object can be also used in a WorkWith interface to create a "Business Analysis" view. This view shows the same data shown in the grid, taking advantage of the query object to analyze it.

Business Analysis View example

The grid filters are integrated with the queries automatically. For more information read Business Analysis View.

Generating audit user interfaces

A common requirement in many applications is to keep track of the changes in the records of the application database. K2BAudit can be used to fulfill this requirement, using database triggers to track:

  • which records were changed
  • who made those changes
  • when were those changes were made.

K2BAudit uses a simple and transparent solution which does not require the developer to add extra code in the application's logic. K2BAudit also provides a GeneXus application (K2BAudit Analyzer) to allow an end user to query all the audited data and interpret it.

K2BAudit Analyzer Home Page

By accessing to K2BAudit Analyzer, the user can perform several analysis of what has happened to the audited database and is can get the information on the behaviour of the data in the application.

Showing an Analysis User Interface provided by K2BAuditAnalyzer