Generating the Access Level

User must be provided with ways of accessing the application.

Accessing the application via a Menu

K2BTools allows the developer to define a menu, and show it in the user interface, also allows the menu to be defined in run time by the user.

For defining a menu, K2BMenu pattern can be used. . In the k2BMenu pattern, developer can choose which web panels will be shown.

K2BMenuInstance K2BMenuExample
K2BMenu instance K2BMenu in RunTime

In many scenarios, the menu can be defined static by the developer. For this case the generated static procedure can be used. However there can be other scenarios in which the menu must be defined or modified in run time. In order to achieve this, the K2BMenu pattern allows to create a initialization procedure, that can be used to initialize by default a menu structure. When using GAM, the initialization procedure can be used to load the GAM Menu tables. When GAM Integration Module is installed, the user interface to define the menu in runtime is provided. Also a user control is provided in order to show the menu. For more information read K2BMenu Pattern and Getting started with K2BMenu

Accessing the application via a device

Nowadays applications are accessed by differents devices. In order to give the user an excellent experience in this devices, the application should be adapted to the device. This can be achieved by two different approaches.

Generate a native smart device application

There are many cases in which some activities of the application are better done with a mobile native application. For this purpose the SD Designer can be used to generate this user interface.
The SD Designer has the same specification languageas the WebPanelDesigner, and it generates a SDPanel instead of a WebPanel. K2BTools provides a catalog of common user interfaces, and the developer can add more interfaces to the catalog in a easy way.

Shared language between Web and SD

It also provides with certain common features to create grids, filters, actions....

User interfaces in all platforms

SD Designer, provides a catalog of common user interfaces that can be used by the developer, or can be extended in order to create other user interfaces.

Catalog Selection

You can create a small application using the SD Designer following the tutorial.