K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 1.5: Improving your Entity Managers

There are many cases in which users need to see the Entity information organized by relevance. The entity information could be the main transaction in display mode (general), a parallel transaction or subordinated transactions. For example in a Product transaction the user may want to see its general information like description, photo, and some basic information like its units or categories and storage information.

The information can be grouped in tabs, and sections. This page shows how to use the “Component Group” node in order to organize the entity’s information.

Now, we are going to customize the Product Entity Manager. In order to do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Product transaction and open "Entity Services" tab.
  2. Scroll down to "Component Group" node, and change the "Component Distribution" property to "Table".
    Component Distribution Property

  3. Click on parallel transaction "ProductStorage" and change its "Component Position" property to "SameRowAsPrevious".
    Same Row As Previous

  4. Repeat step 3 with SubWorkWiths "Product Categories" and "Product Ware Houses".
  5. Build (F5) and see how the components are distributed in the product Entity Manager.


"Component Distribution" property

When you have a “Component Group” there are various ways to show its children. The way the components will be displayed will depend on the “Component Distribuition” property. Its possible values are: “Tabs”, “Table”, and "Link List".

“Component Position” property

The “Component Position” property allows the developer to place several components in the same row. Its possible values are:

  • “NewRow”
  • “SameRowAsPrevious”

When this property is set to “NewRow” the component will be displayed in a new row. When set to “SameRowAsPrevious” will be shown in the same row as the previous component.