K2BAudit Analyzer comes in an xpz that you must import in the new Knowledge Base.

This page contains the downloads available for K2BAuditAnalyzer application. Please select the appropriate version according to your K2BAudit Version. If you have K2BTools you can benefit from downloading the XPZ version in which the objects are mantained using the K2BTools Web Framework.

GeneXus XEv2

Version Release Date Release Notes Download Download with K2BTools 7.1, 8.0
4.0 2014/06/20 4.0 Release Download Download

If you download the version without K2BTools you must follow these aditional steps in order to have the line separators working:


  1. Set K2BWWMasterPageModern as the default model Master Page. If you want to use another master page you must include the following code in the start event: 
    Master Page Start

  2. Download the K2BTools scripts from here.
  3. Place the script files under the static directory of the webapp if you are generating java, or in the web directory if you are generating in .net.