K2BAuditAnalyzer for GX15 and Evo3

In GeneXus 15, 16 and Evolution 3 K2BAuditAnalyzer comes with three user interfaces.

  • K2BModern interface
  • K2BFlat interface.
  • K2BOrion interface

The K2BModern interface is the same as the one used in GeneXus Evolution 2. It uses previous version compatible web design and previous version compatible user experience

The K2BFlat and K2BOrion interface are the newsest K2BAuditAnalyzer UI, that uses Responsive Web Design and Smooth User Experience. To use this desing systems you must have K2BTools installed (a Free Edition license may be used).

If you want to use the K2BAuditAnalyzer K2BModern interaction version please follow these steps

If you want to use the K2BAuditAnalyzer K2BFlat or K2BOrion desing system version please follow these steps