FixedDataIcon Description

This node can be used to add a section of data at the top of an EntityManager, WorkWith, SubWorkWith, or Prompt interface. Only one of these sections can be used in each interface.

This node contains an Attributes node to specify the section's content. When using this node in an EntityManager interface, the first row contained in this section (all attributes with NoSkip=True at the beggining of the section) is not shown alongside the others, and is used as part of the Entity Manager's title.

Runtime appearance

Example 1 - Work With

In this case, the developer wishes to include a variable on top of the Work With interface, to inform the user the last time the last time that the grid was refreshed.

FixedDataWWDefinition FixedDataWWRT
Instance Definition Runtime result

Example 2 - Entity Manager

In this case, the developer wishes to include the customer's contact information on the top of the Entity Manager interface, to allow the user to view this data always, no matter which is the selected tab.

FixedDataEMDefinition FixedDataEMRT
Instance Definition Runtime result

Note that the first attribute is used in the Entity Manager's title.

Child nodes

AttributesIcon Attributes