SubMenuIcon Description

This node can be used to include another menu in a K2BMenu Pattern instance. This can be used to separate the menu definition among several objects to simplify their creation. A common scenario would be to generate one object for each module in the KB, and then create a generic object to join them.

The node can contains a reference to a K2BMenu instance or to a Static Procedure object. If using the Static Procedure, the developer must create a procedure with the correct Parm rule (it must be equal to the Parm rule generated by the pattern), and select that procedure in the "Object" property. The procedure's logic can contain anything the developer needs. For more details see Included Menus in K2BMenu.


Category Name Value
General Instance Reference to K2BMenu instance that contains the definition of the menu that should be included.
  Static Menu Load Procedure If the instance is empty, the name of the static menu load procedure that should be included in the generated static menu. 

Child nodes

This type of node does not support child nodes.