String Search filters


A common requirement in applications is that some filters should span several attributes. For example, in a WorkWith interface related to a "Customer" transaction, the end user may wish to have a single filter in the UI and use that single filter to search simultaneously in several attributes, such as CustomerName, CustomerAddress, or CustomerCityName.

K2BTools includes a specific feature to acheive this in a simple way. This feature is present in K2BTools Patterns, K2BWebPanelDesigner, and K2BSDDesigner.

How to create a StringSearch filter

To create a StringSearch filter, follow these 4 steps.

Step 1 - Add a Filter to the instance

Add filter

Step 2 - Select a Character domain or attribute to base the filter on

In this example the "K2BDescription" domain was used, but any character domain/attribute can be used.

Set based on

Step 3 - Select Type = "StringSearch"

Set Type property

Step 4 - Select Condition Attributes

Select condition attributes

Select which attributes should be included in the filter. See how the "Condition" property is automatically updated.