K2BAudit log conversion


K2BAudit logs are stored in a raw format to minimize the footprint in the audited application. In order to analyze these logs, they must be converted to a structured format that allows them to be read in an efficient manner.

This conversion can be executed in two ways: Using the "Convert Logs" option in K2BAudit Analyzer, or executing the process from a command line on the server. The latter can be scheduled to be executed automatically at specific times.

Convert logs action

K2BAudit Analyzer includes a "Convert Logs" option in its menu. When the user clicks on this option a Web Panel containing the transformation is opened.

Convert logs

The user can start the conversion process by executing the "Run" action in the Web Panel. The process is executed as a background process, the user can use the "Check execution" action to see its progress.

Command line execution

The conversion process can be executed via the command line as well. This can be used to schedule a task in the server's operating system, at times when the system load is low.

The command depends on the generator used when installing K2BAudit Analyzer.

If C# was used, execute the command:


Inside the application directory.

If Java was used, execute the command:

java –cp ../lib/gxclassR.jar:../lib/DriverDBMSCorrespondiente.jar aconvertauditlogbatch

Inside the webapp directory.

These programs print their status to the terminal, as in the following image:

Terminal output

Advanced Information

The log conversion process can be configured in runtime to determine various parameters that affect the process' performance. Read more in K2BAudit log conversion configuration.

The audit database contains a log of all the conversion processes executed. Read more in K2BAudit log conversion execution log.