K2BAudit Analyzer - Audit Entries


This is the simplest way to analyze audited records included in K2BAudit Analyzer. Using this option, you can see all the operations that took place in the database, and see each operation's data.


You can access this option via the "Audit entries" option.

Audit entries


This option includes the following filters by default: Date (from/to), User, Operation (Insert, Update, Delete), Entity, and Table.

Operation data

The user can see each operation's basic information in the grid. To see information about the values for each database attribute, you can click on the AttributeIcon action.

Attribute values

When displaying the attribute values for an update operation, attributes where the value changed are highlighted as shown in the image above.

Business Analysis View

The Audit entries interface also shows information about the changes which were made in the database tables as charts. This allows to provide relevant information to the user. The queries shown are:

  • Number of operations by hours of the day
  • Number of operations by month
  • Number of operations by application user
  • Most modified tables

The filters are applied to the queries.

Business Analysis View in Audit entries