K2BTools layout objects upgrade in version changes


Prior to K2BTools 10.1, basic layout objects were imported only once when K2BTools was first used in a GeneXus KB.

This posed some problems, because of two reasons:

  1. Sometimes new features in K2BTools require new structures in layout objects.
  2. Most developers never update these objects.

As objects were not imported when a new K2BTools version was installed, the developer had to update the layout object manually. This can be cumbersome, and is an unnecessary burden for the developers that have not changed the layout objects.

Policy change in K2BTools 10.1

Because of this, from K2BTools 10.1 onwards we decided to change our update policy for layout objects.

From this version on, layout objects will be imported in every version change. This allows us to simplify the upgrade process for most developers, as they do not need to do anything if the layout changed but they didn't change their version of the layout.

Because of this change, we recommend developers that change their layout objects to save them with a different name. In that case, K2BTools will never update those objects.

From version 10.1 onwards, changes to the layout objects will be documented in this page to simplify upgrading layouts that were manually modified.

Basic Layout objects changelog

K2BTools 10.1

See K2BTools Update Conditional Confirm in Layout.