Use Deprecated MultiRow Logic Warning Message


As of K2BTools 10.2, Row selection logic was improved in order to keep selected rows when user changes a filter value, or moves between different grid pages. Also, actions with Row Selection set to "Multiple" can apply to the elements that are both selected and visible, or to all selected items.

In order to use this feature, the logic of multiple actions must be updated to use the values provided by K2BTools. Also, the persistence of the selected rows is based on the "Selected Key" property.

In order to mantain compatibility in Web Panels created using versions older than K2BTools 10.2 a new property was added in the WebForm root node called "Use Deprecated Multi Row Logic". When this property is set to true the logic generated is the one used in previous versions.

Warning: This Web Panel uses a deprecated MultiRow action logic. This logic is no longer mantained. Upgrade the Web Panel’s logic to take advantage of new features. 

In order to upgrade the webpanel's logic to the new version, set the property to "False". After setting the property, save the webpanel.

After saving an error may appear saying that the grid needs a column with "Selected Key" set to "True". That's because new MultiRowLogic needs that girds have a selected key in all grids that have actions with row selection. If this message appears, set "Selected Key" to the key attributes in the grid (Usually the PK of the grid's base transaction).

After saving you must update RowSelection Logic following this documentation for all single and multiple actions. The actions you should update are the actions that previously called the subroutines GetNextMultiRow(<GridName>) or ResetMutiRowIterator(<GridName>).