Infinite scrolling paging mode

A grid can potentially have a great amount of rows. They are usually displayed in groups called pages to improve response time, save resources, etc. Forward and backwards navigation is usually provided for browsing purposes. The application user can see one page at a time.

An alternate method is to display the first page and, when the application user tries to move forward, by trying to scroll down, automatically load subsequent pages without removing the loaded ones. This method does not require navigation buttons and creates the effect of an infinitely scrolling page.

Infinite scrolling can be used in K2BTools Grid Columns, FreeStyleSection and LayoutContent nodes by setting the "PagingMode" property to "InfiniteScrolling".

When using infinite scrolling in GeneXus:

  • The scroll bar can be associated either to the grid or to the form.
  • The ScrollBar property value can be used to set the desire behaviour. It's default value is taken from the Basic Layout object associated to the grid.
  • Basic layout objects provided by K2BTools have the ScrollBar property set to Form for WorkWith and WorkWith alike layouts. The value Grid is used for all other Basic layout objects.

Infinite scrolling associated to the form

Infinite scrolling associated to the grid

Due to limitations of infinite scrolling, these features are not supported:

  • Checkall action in grids with row selection.
  • Grid columns total and averages
  • Grid record count.