Using the 8x8 JaaS service for video calls

To use this service, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account in their website. Choose the pricing plan best suited to your scenario.
  2. Create a keypair to authenticate with the server. We recommend using the commands described here.
  3. Upload the public key in PEM format to their website.
    1. Go to the API Keys section.
    2. Click on the "Add API Key" button.
    3. Click on "Add public API Key".
    4. Paste the contents of the public key file in PEM format and save.
    5. The new key should be listed in the API Keys section, along with its identifier.
  4. From the API Keys section, copy the tenant name and the API Key ID.
  5. Complete the LoadJitsiConfiguration object as shown below, replacing the highlighted sections with the values copied in the previous step and the location/password of the pkcs12 file created in the second step.
&JitsiConfiguration = new()
&JitsiConfiguration.Domain = ""
&JitsiConfiguration.UsePassword = False
&JitsiConfiguration.UseToken = True
&JitsiConfiguration.TokenAlgorithm = JWTAlgorithm.RS256
&JitsiConfiguration.TokenKey = ""
&JitsiConfiguration.Kid = <YOUR_API_KEY_ID>
&JitsiConfiguration.UserControlRoomNamePrefix = <YOUR_TENANT_ID> + "/"
&JitsiConfiguration.Sub = <YOUR_TENANT_ID>
&JitsiConfiguration.Iss = "chat"
&JitsiConfiguration.RoomNameTemplate = "K2BT_Collaboration_%ROOM_GUID%"

&JitsiConfiguration.TokenPrivateKeyFilePath = <PATH_TO_PRIVATEKEY_FILE>
&JitsiConfiguration.TokenPrivateKeyAlias = "1"
&JitsiConfiguration.TokenPrivateKeyPassword = <PRIVATEKEY_PASSWORD>

&JitsiConfiguration.TokenCertificateFilePath = <PATH_TO_CERTIFICATE_FILE>
&JitsiConfiguration.TokenCertificateAlias = "1"
&JitsiConfiguration.TokenCertificatePassword = <CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD>

Note that <PATH_TO_PRIVATEKEY_FILE> and <PATH_TO_CERTIFICATE_FILE> may reference the same file (in this case, <PRIVATEKEY_PASSWORD> and <CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD> should be the same).