User Preferences Module must be updated

This warning may appear when applying K2BTools instances:

warning: User Preferences module is not up to date. For K2BTools to work properly in this version a module update is needed. To update the module go to 'K2BTools' toolbar in GeneXus development environment and select 'Install User Preferences module'. (More Information)

This warning appears when the user preferences module was installed in the KB but is not up to date. This may affect the module's behaviour as detailed below:

  • In version 13.1, K2BTools adds the possibility to freeze the grid header in runtime. When using the user preferences module, this configuration should be stored in the database. As this feature was not available in versions previous than 13.1 to handle and store the grid header property an update of the user preferences module is needed.
  • In version 14.0, K2BTools adds the possibility to reorder grid columns in runtime. The User Preferences module must be updated to store this information in the database.

To perform the update, the K2BTools -> Install User preferences module command must be executed.

Updating user preferences module