Installing CallYou Previous Versions

This are the installation instructions of CallYou for versions of GeneXus lower than GX17U10.

To see the latest installation instructions please follow this link

In order to use K2BTools Call You the following steps must be followed.

  • Download K2BTools from here
  • Extract into the GeneXus installation directory
  • Open the file GXFrameWorkList.txt located in the iOS directory under the GX installation directory and add the following lines:
  • If you plan to use Jitsi, and your Callyou older than 3.3 these steps are necessary. If using 3.3 and up, you can skip this section.
    • open the file Android\Templates\RootProject\ext.gradle under the GX installation directory, and modify the line:
min_sdk: 19,

and set it to:

min_sdk: 21,
  • open the file Android\Templates\ApplicationProject\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml under the GX installation directory, and modify the line:

and set it to:

  • Open a command line window and perform a GeneXus.exe /install.
  • For the use of CallYou in IOS, the deployment target property must be set to 11.0.
    IOS Deployment Target