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You can get started following the K2BToolsTutorial or the SD Designer Tutorial.

These tutorials guide you through the process of building simple representative applications. They teach you how to work with all our tools, and how they can help you while developing apps in GeneXus.

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You can use the Get Node Help action in every instance definition, to go quickly to the help page that describes each node.

If you need more help, you can access the FAQ.

If all else fails, you can always contact us in our Technical forum, or via the Issue Tracker.

K2BTools suite Products


K2BTools Suite Overview

K2BTools Web

K2B Audit

K2BTools callyou

Release Notes

K2BTools 13.0 - Release notes

K2BTools 12.4 - Release notes

K2BTools 12.3 - Release Notes

K2BTools 12.2 - Release Notes

K2BTools 12.1 - Release Notes

K2BTools 12 - Release Notes

K2BTools 11.3 - Release Notes

K2BTools 11.2 - Release Notes

K2BTools 11 - Release Notes

K2BTools 10.4 - Release notes

Check K2BTools Release Notes for older ones.

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