ComboActionIcon Description

Combo actions can be used to group actions into a single control, consuming less space in the screen. This could be used for actions which are not used frequently by the user. The actions included in the control are this node's children. Thus, if a Combo action node contains three Action children, these will be the options shown to the user.

Runtime appearance

In the following example the combo action contains two actions. The user must select the desired option in the combo box.

Combobox action


Category Name Value
General Caption The string that will be shown prompting the user to select an option.
Please select Item Message

The error message that should be shown if the user clicks the "execute" button without choosing any option in the combobox before.

Note: This property is used only when the "Execute Combo Action On Click" property in Web Panel Designer Settings is set to "False".

 Layout Region

Determines on which side of the screen the action will be shown. Possible values are:

  • Right
  • Left

Child nodes

ActionIcon Action