K2BTools security fast start modules

IMPORTANT: This page applies to K2BTools versions before 11.3. For newer versions see GAM integration module


As explained in K2BTools Security Model, all objects generated using K2BTools include code to check that the final user is authorized to perform the actions contained in them. These verifications, when the GeneXus version being used is GeneXus Evolution 2 or newer, can be integrated with GAM to provide a seamless experience.

The model relies heavily on a security API that is consolidated in the KB when K2BTools is used, and can be modified by the user later to integrate any security mechanism

K2BTools Fast Start GAM security: Provides a security solution integrated with GAM. Because of this, it can be used only in applications built using GeneXus Evolution 2 or newer. This library comprises two components. The first one is a security backend with the same funcionalities as GAM's, but built using K2BTools so that the user interface is analogous to the rest of the application in applications built using K2BTools.

K2BTools Fast Start GAM Security

To install this module please go to the installation instructions. You can also read the module's documentation.