Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the language used to generate a KB using K2BTools?

Yes, you can do it. If the target language is Spanish, Portuguese, or English, you may change the language in the KB's definition, and K2BTools will generate everything in that language.

If the target language is different from those, or you want to change how a certain message is translated in those languages, you can customize every message using Web Panel Designer SettingsK2BPrompt SettingsK2BEntityServices Settings, or K2BToolsPatterns General Settings.

Can I change the appearance of an application generated using K2BTools?

Yes. To do so, you have several options.

  1. K2BTools is bundled with several UI options. To choose between those options, you can use the 'Change K2BTools UI' action
  2. If you wish to change details in the UI, you can use the Theme object imported by K2BTools.
  3. If you wish to change the structure of the interface, you can use the layout objects.

I am using K2BTools generating in Java and I get an error saying "package K2BTools.Common does not exist". What can I do?

If the following error is shown:

Error: \ package K2BTools.Common does not exist
   public K2BTools.Common.GXPreferences getExternalInstance( )

Follow the steps shown in this page to solve the problem.