K2BTools Tutorial - Exercise 8.3: Customer selection

To complete a purchase, a customer must be selected along with the products. In this exercise you will add an option to select a customer, following these steps:

  1. In the root node, place a LineSeparator titled Customer.
  2. Add an Attributes node as child.
  3. In the Attributes node, add a variable with the following properties:
    1. Name: CustomerId
    2. BasedOn: CustomerId
    3. Description: Select Customer
    4. Add a ControlInfo node below the variable with the following properties:
      1. ControlType: DynamicComboBox
      2. ItemValues: CustomerId
      3. ItemDescription: CustomerFirstName
        Tree Preview

  4. Add another line separator node from the root of Title Products.
  5. Add the MultipleSelection node as child of the products node by dragging the node while pressing the Ctrl key so that it looks as shown in the following image.
    Tree Preview