Designer part


The Designer is a part added to all web panels when K2BWebPanelDesigner is installed. In it, the developer will specify how the web panel should be built, using a pattern-like specification tree.

Using this part is not mandatory. This is specially important in cases where K2BWebPanelDesigner is used in a KB that was created without using this tool. The Designer must be activated in each web panel before using it.


To activate the Designer part, click on the "Activate" link as in the first image shown below (see note 1). After doing so, the specification tree will be initialized showing that the designer part is now activated (As shown in the second image). From this point on, the developer may add all the nodes deemed necessary to achieve his goal.

ActivateDesigner1 ActivateDesigner2
Before activation After activation

For more information on how K2BWebPanelDesigner Works after being activated, see the quick start guide.


There are cases where the developer does not wish to continue using K2bWebPanelDesigner to maintain a particular web panel. 

Release K2BObject Designer action

Deactivating this tool is easy. To do this, the developer must execute the option "Release K2BWebPanelDesigner located in the "Edit" menu. After doing this, the web panel will not contain information in the Desginer part, and will work as a regular GeneXus web panel. If the developer decides to undo this action, he can choose to activate a previous version of the object through its history.


1 - The designer's activation will be effective when the web panel is saved.

2 - When working on existing KB's, the recommendation is to migrate the web panels gradually to K2BWebPanelDesigner. A reasonable strategy is to migrate each web panel when modifications to it are required.