Web Panel Designer

K2BWebPanelDesigner is a tool included in the K2BTools suite, designed to simplify the creation of web panels. It lets the developer work in a higher abstraction level, and automates many common tasks that consume a significant amount of time (like for example, designing the web form of the web panel, or writing repetitive code in the events section).

As a result, the developer experiences a boost in its productivity, and the end result is improved as the generated web panels follow best practices both in the web form design, and the code included in the events part.

To specify the web panel's behaviour, the developer works with a tree-like specification, with different types of nodes. Each node holds information on how the web panel should be generated following a logic similar to the logic followed by patterns, but developed in a way that provides more flexibility to the definition.

If you are new to this tool, check out the quick start guide and for more information you can read the user guides.

In the following video, you can see a sample of how developer productivity can be improved. A complex web panel is built in a few minutes using K2BWebPanelDesigner.

More information

For more information, you can see this webinar.

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