TextblockIcon Description

Textblock nodes can be used in a web panel designed using K2BWebPanelDesigner to add a textblock inside the web form. This is a very simple node, and was added mainly to avoid the creation of user regions to include textblocks.

Runtime appearance

TextblockDefinition TextblockDesign
A web panel designer instance including a Textblock node The design view of the previous specification


Category Name Value
General ControlName (Id) The node's Id. Must be unique inside the web panel.
Caption The Textblock's caption (can be overriden later in event code).
Layout Slot Name Contains the name of the Textblock (Dynamic Layout Definition) node in the dynamic layout object referenced by this node.
Appearance Class The theme class that should be given to the Textblock.
Invisible Mode Contains the value for the Invisible Mode property in the control. Note: Only available in SD Panels.
Form No Skip

When set to true, the textblock will be shown in the same line as the last one. See NoSkip property.

Important: This property existed until K2BTools 13.2. In K2BTools 14.0 it was replaced by the "Element Relative Position" property.

Element Relative Position

Allows to configure the position of the element relative to the previous element. The possible values are:

  • New row
  • Same cell
  • New cell

For more information read Element Relative Position property