Instalation steps:

  1. Create a new Knowledge Base in GeneXus X Ev2 
  2. Download the K2BAuditAnalyzer XPZ compatible with your K2BAudit version. You can download it from K2BAuditAnalyzer downloads page.
  3. Import K2BAuditAnalyzer.xpz in the Knowledge Base created at (1).
  4. Set the Translation Type Environment property to Run-time. 
    Translation type environment property

  5. Build the Knowledge Base (create the database, specify, generate, compile and run)
    1. If your DBMS is PostgreSQL data base name must be the same as audited application data base and Data Base Schema must be K2BAudit.
  6. Verify the correct installation of K2BAuditAnalyzer running K2BAuditQueryMain web panel. You should see something like this. 
    K2BAuditAnalyzer Main Page


K2BAuditAnalyzer does not have a default security policy implemented. Using GAM is strongly recommended. For more information you should read K2BAuditAnalyzer security