K2BLoadActivityList procedure


When defining interfaces in K2BTools, the developer often creates actions that require special permissions in order to be executed. To do so, the developer must set the "Activity Name" property to a suitable value (i.e.: the name of the permission that should be checked).

K2BTools generates the "K2BLoadActivityList" when the K2BEntityServices pattern is applied to centralize the definition of those permissions. The procedure can be configured to include standard permissions (for Insert, Update, Display, and Delete operations) as well.


This procedure can be customized via properties in K2BEntityServices Settings.


The developer can (and is encouraged) to use this procedure to create permissions in its security backend. This prevents common errors, as permissions defined in pattern instances will be available in this procedure.

If the GAM integration module is used, an action is included in the "Permissions" tab when viewing an appliaction to execute this procedure and create all permissions in the GAM database.