K2B Audit 6.0

K2BAudit 6.0 is a complete rewrite of the original extension providing:

  • Easier setup and usage
    • Many properties were removed and the remaining ones were renamed and described.
    • Menu options were renamed and reordered according to their estimated usage frequency.
    • All dialogs were redesigned to make them clearer and easier to use.
    • A few dialogs were added to guide the developer and avoid common errors.
    • Long running tasks are executed in background to avoid freezing the user interface.
  • Reduced trigger creation times
    Triggers have less code and are generated using a different generation technology.
  • Enhanced trigger code
    Triggers code is smaller in size and performs better than earlier versions.
  • Reduced Analyzer Knowledge Base size
    A new xml schema, that uses attributes instead of values, was used to generate the audit log. The new value of a field is not saved if it was not changed.

To understand K2BAudit please see Introduction to K2B Audit.

To start using K2BAudit please see Using K2BAudit (6.0 and up).