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This node contains a definition for a Prompt interface associated to the transaction it is applied on. A prompt interface is an interface that allows the selection of one instance of this transaction. To do this the end user is given the features to view all instances for the transaction. Optionally, the end user may be given the opportunity to insert a new instance from within this interface.

The instance list may be filtered, and ordered, accodring to the specification given by the developer. The instance list is a crucial part of this interface's specification. This list is specified using the Grid ColumnsFilters, and Orders nodes.

Runtime appearance

PromptDefinition PromptSectionRT
Prompt Definition Prompt Runtime Appearance


Category Name Value
General Object Name Name that should be assigned to the generated Prompt object. If set to default, the value will be read from K2BPrompt Settings
Title Title for the interface. This value will be shown at the top of the WebForm.
Form Caption Static value for the Form.Caption property.This value will be displayed in the browser's tab's title.
Master Page The Master Page that will be set to the generated object. The default value for this property is read from the Basic Layout object associated with this node.
Grid Automatic Refresh Determines if the Automatic Refresh property will be active for the generated WebPanel.
Use Default Dataselector If Available Determines if the DataSelector specified (if any) in K2BTools General Settings should be used in this WebPanel.
Advanced Main Program Determines the value of the "Main Object" property in the generated objec

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