K2BTools Tutorial - Environment Setup

Follow these steps to setup your environment:

  1. Open GeneXus
  2. Create a new Knowledge Base.
    Create KB option

  3. Select “English” as the KB’s language, and C# or Java as the prototyping environment.
    Create KB dialog

  4. If you are using GXEv3, go to the KB Version configuration in the created KB, and:
    1. Set the “Default Web Form Editor” property to “Abstract Layout”.
    2. Set the “Web Form Defaults” property to “Responsive Web Design”.
      Environment Properties

  5. Import the base XPZ for GX15 and GX16 file for this tutorial. If you are using GXEv3 import this file.
  6. Create the database and execute the KB by executing the “Run” action in GeneXus.