Grid (SD)

LayoutGridFreeStyleGridIcon Introduction

This page the generic features of Grid nodes. These nodes are used in web panels created with K2BSDDesigner to include GeneXus grids in them.

Grid nodes are among the most complex nodes used in K2BSDDesigner. This occurs mainly because there are many ways the grid can obtain its data. Currently, five types of grids are available:

  1. Grids with base table
  2. Grids with an inferred for each
  3. Grids based on data providers
  4. Grids with no base table
  5. Grids based on SDT's

In the following sections, generic properties referring to all five types will be explained. To see details regarding one of the types shown above, please go to the specific page.


In this section only generic grid properties are shown. Specific properties for each type of grid can be found on the page specific to the type.

Category Name Value
General Name (Id) The grid's name. Must be unique within the web panel.
Page Indicates the amount of rows to display per grid page. If set to zero, no paging will be generated and all available items will be shown.
Show Selector Contains the value for the Show Selector property in the grid.
Selection Type Contains the value for the Selection Type property in the grid.
Grid Summary Summary Location Defines the location of the Summary node associated with this grid (if any). Notes: Only shown if a Summary node exists.
Appearance Class Class that should be used when rendering the grid.
Auto Grow Contains the value for the Auto Grow property in the grid.
Invisible Mode Contains the value for the Invisible Mode property in the control. Note: Only available in SD Panels.