Grids with base table

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This page explains the general aspects of base table grid nodes. These nodes are a particular case of Grid node and Grid (SD) nodes, so bear in mind that this page contains information only about things specific to this type of grid. If you can't find information about a certain functionality that may be a general grid functionality, check the Grid node or Grid (SD) page.

A grid is defined to be "based on a table" when it contains at least one attribute, regardless of the amount of variables it may contain.

To simplify the process of creating grids with base table, the "Add Grid From Transaction action" quick action was created. To obtain a grid of this type, the developer must answer "No" when asked "Do you want to add attributes as variables?".

This type of grid must be used when the navigation implied is easy to specify, and can be done by explicitly naming the attributes.

Runtime appearance

The runtime appearance of a grid with base table is equal to the appearance of a generic Grid node or Grid (SD).


In this section only specific grid properties are shown. General properties for grids can be found on the generic grid documentation.

Category Name Value
General Conditions Indicates conditions to load grid. Grid conditions are placed inside GeneXus grid condition properties.
Base Trn Determines if a base transaction should be specified when generating the grid. Only available when the grid was created via the "Add Grid From Transaction" Action.
Unique Sets de unique property in the grid control. This can be used to avoid repeated elements in the grid.

User subroutines associated to this node

In this section only generic user events are shown. Specific events for each type of grid can be found on the page to the type. In the following table, {InternalName} should be replaced with the value of the property "Name (Id)" of the grid.

Name Moment of execution Detailed description and possible uses
'U_LoadRowVars(Grid{InternalName})' This subroutine is invoked inside load event.

The prupose of this subroutine is to load grid variables or actions.