K2B Audit Analyzer flavors

K2B Audit Analyzer? comes in different flavors that you can choose from. They all provide the same basic analysis features but the newest ones are usually enhanced and improved.

Each flavor is distributed in a different GeneXus Export File. All Export Files are stored in directory <install directory>\Packages\K2BTools\Audit.

The developer can update the K2B Audit Analyzer Knowledge Base using the free version of K2BTools. There is no need to buy a K2B Tools License to build or change them.

  • Orion

This is the latest available version (as of K2B Audit 6.0). It was updated to match Orion design pattern.

It's the one used by Automatic creation when Creating the Audit Analyzer Knowledge Base.

File: K2BAuditAnalyzerOrion.xpz

  • Flat

K2B Audit Analyzer with Flat theme design

File: K2BAuditAnalyzerFlat.xpz

  • No K2B tools required

If the developer does not want to have K2B Tools installed, this is the K2B Audit Analyzer flavor that must install. It was generated with K2B Tools but all references to it were removed. 

File: K2BAuditAnalyzerNoTools.xpz