Creating the Audit Analyzer Knowledge Base

The Audit Analyzer Knowledge Base (Analyzer KB) can be created automatically or manually.

Automatic creation is recommended.

Manual creation should only be used if the developer needs to have control over used Themes, for example.

Automatic creation

Automatic creation takes place when one of the following occurs:

Automatic creation is the recommended method as it saves time and avoids human errors.

Manual creation

To manually create the Analyzer KB the developer should:

This is an important step. Following steps may behave differently depending on this preference value.

  • Import Analyzer objects

Select one of the K2B Audit Analyzer flavors according to your needs. 

  • Set values to the Default datastore properties

If the Audited KB already exists, be sure that these properties values are equal to those specified in the K2BAudit datastore.

  • Build All objects

At this point, the Analyzer KB is created.

If the Audited KB does not exist, it is time to create it. If it already exists, or after creating it, the developer should: