User controls deprecated in K2BTools 14.0

The user controls K2BGridFilters, K2BGridOverflowActions, K2BGridTotals, and K2BOrderBy were deprecated in K2BTools 14.0.

These user controls were replaced by the K2BGridExtensions user control, that unifies and simplifies their code.

Web panels generated and maintained by K2BTools will be migrated automatically to the new User Control.

Web panels that are not maintained using K2BTools that reference these user controls must be rewritten manually to use the new User Control.

These User Controls will no longer be included in K2BTools 15.0, we suggest checking web panels that are maintained manually to see if they should be updated before migrating to that version.

How to check if these User Controls are used in a KB

  1. Before checking the usage of these user controls in the KB, we recommend executing the Reapply K2BTools and Build action (if it wasn't executed yet after migrating to 14.0).
  2. Execute the "Find deprecated user controls references" action in the K2BTools Menu.
    Find deprecated user controls references action

  3. Check the output. If web panels with the reference are found, they will be shown in the output like this:
    Tool result

    The objects affected are shown at the end of the tool's execution.
    For each of these objects:
    1. If the object is maintained by K2BTools, try reapplying the pattern instance or the Web Panel Designer. The web panel should be migrated automatically.
    2. If the object is maintained manually, check the objects contents and migrate to the K2BGridExtensions user control.