Application Security

Security must be taken into consideration in all the development process. This is achieved by continuously checking that all code generated, user controls, and components provided by K2BTools are safe and does not add any security vulnerabilities.
K2BTools is the only tool in the GeneXus community that has been tested by the GeneXus Consulting security team. GeneXus Consulting has a team that is specialized in securing GeneXus applications, and are always supporting K2BTools, testing it, and guiding our team to follow security best practices.

All access controls generated by K2BTools routed through a procedure that centralizes this logic. This can be used to solve two scenarios.

  • If the GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) is used, the integration is automatic. We recommend this option.
  • If the developer already has a module that solves this logic, the procedure can be manually integrated with this security module.

GAM integration module

K2BTools can be integrated with GAM automatically installing the GAM integration module. For more information read GAM integration module Customization.

GAM Integration Module installation

When using this module, all the access controls included by K2BTools are implemented using the GAM API. Also, a security configuration backend is provided with all administration web panels generated with K2BTools.

GAM Administrator Backend provided by K2BTools

To see the benefits of integrating K2BTools with GAM read Benefits of integrating K2BTools security in applications using GAM.

For more information about the K2BTools and GAM integration read K2BTools GAM integration.