K2BTools callyou

K2BTools callyou, is an independent product developed by the K2BTools team, that allows integrating video calls in GeneXus Applications in an easy and productive way.

K2BTools callyou can be used in both Web and Smart Devices platforms. User controls and external objects are provided for Web, Android and iOS.


  • GeneXus 16 U11 or higher (*). GeneXus 17 U11 GeneXus 18 recommended.
  • The web application must be accessed via HTTPS

Supported Platforms

  • Web (browsers that supports WebRTC)
  • IOS 13 (Jitsi)/ IOS 12 (Twilio)
  • Android 5.0 (Jitsi) / Android 4.4 (Twilio)

Video call providers

A video call provider is required to implement video calls. In order to give GeneXus users flexibility, K2BTools callyou provides integration with two video calls providers:

  • Jitsi: is an open source project that has a free server on the cloud. It can also be installed on premises, to allow for a tighter security access to the service and meetings.
  • Twilio: is a Saas (paid) solution widely used by many companies.