Using K2BTools callyou for Web

For the Web generators two user controls are provided, for Jitsi and Twilio integration respectively.

Jitsi Web User Control

To use this control just drag it into a section having the class K2BT_VideoCallContainer. If not using sample application or K2BOrion Desing System, create in the theme (in custom properties) or desing system object the following css rule

.K2BT_VideoCallContainer .gx_usercontrol


left: 0px;

position: fixed;

top: 0px;

height: 100vh;

width: 100vw;


Css rule to be added to design system object or theme. When using the theme, it should be added as a custom class and the frist "." must be removed

Jitsi Web User Control


  • ControlName: Name of the control
  • Width: Width of the video conference control
  • Height: Height of the video conference control
  • Configuration: an SDT with the meeting configuration based on the SDT Jitsi Connection Info
    • Domain: Domain of the jitsi server. For the free Jitsi server use . If using another server, set the server domain in this property.
    • Use Token: If use token JWT or not. It is recommended when using a custom server, to set this property to true in order to prevent not authorized users from accessing the server.
    • Token Key : Token JWT Key
    • Room Name: Room to be connected.
    • SetPassword: Rooms can be also secured by a password. Determines whether a password is set to the room or not.
    • SetSubject: Rooms can also have a subject. Determines whether a subject is set to the room.
    • Subject: Subject of the room.
    • Token: JWT token to access the room.

Code sample

Event Start
    &ConnectionInfo = new()
    &ConnectionInfo.Domain =!""
    &ConnectionInfo.RoomName = !”K2BTools_JitsiRoom”
    &ConnectionInfo.SetPassword = False

Token JWT Generation

See sample application for details.

Twilio User Control

To use this control just drag it into a section having the class K2BT_VideoCallContainer.

Twilio Web User Control


  • Control Name : Name of the control
  • No Participants Caption : Caption when there are no participants in the room.
  • Connection Info: An SDT based on Twilio Connection Info

Twilio Web SDT

  • Token: Generated token JWT.
  • RoomName: Room name to be connected.

After filling the SDT properties, the user control StartCall method must be called.

In order to connect to Twilio, a Twilio account is needed. For more information read this.

Sample Code:

Event Start
    &ConnectionInfo = new()
    &ConnectionInfo.RoomName = !“K2BTools_TwilioDemo”
    &ConnectionInfo.Token = (TOKEN JWT)

Token JWT Generation

See sample Knowledge Base for details.