In some cases, the developer needs to add more information to an existing WorkWith, SubWorkWith, General, ParallelTransaction, or EntityManager interface.

In these cases, the “FormSection” node can be used. This node allows the inclusion of custom elements in the end user interface in four areas: Top, Bottom, Left, and Right. This areas are placed around the interface’s main contents, as shown in the following image.

Form Section Locations

In each of those areas, the developer may include: an Attributes or a WebComponent (Form Section) node. To do this, the developer must add a new node as a child to the FormSection node, and select the region inside that node in the “Layout” property.

Runtime Appearance

The following shows a sample form section created using a web component. This web component simply contains a textblock with a message.

FormSectionDefinition FormSectionRT
Form Section Definition Form Section Runtime Appearance

Child nodes

WebFormIcon Attributes Section (Form Section)?   WebComponentIcon WebComponent (Form Section)