Attributes node

AttributesIcon Description

Nodes of this type can be used in panels created with K2BTools to include sections displaying variables and/or attributes.

The main scenarios for using Attributes nodes are the following:

  • Viewing the result of an operation.
  • Having a view of a transaction different from the transaction's display mode.
  • Viewing the result of a query
  • Inserting, Updating or Deleting a record using the business component.
  • Selecting parameters to call a procedure or report.

It is important to distinguish between this type of node and the Grid node type. The difference lies in the fact that Attributes nodes display only one instance of the variables or attributes displayed, whereas grids show multiple instances of them.

Frequently the structure of an Attributes node is similar to the structure of a transaction. To simplify the process of creating Attributes nodes like this, the "Add Attributes From Transaction" was created.

Runtime appearance

There is no visual characteristics inherent to the Attributes node. Its appearance in runtime depends entirely on the appearance of its children. A lot of flexibility is provided when working with Attributes nodes, as they accept many types of nodes as children. For more information in this aspect, see the section "Child nodes".


Category Name Value
General Name (Id) An identifier for this section. This name can be used to reference the section in the Events part.
Component user control Defines what user control handles the presentation of the group. See Component user control property for details.
Title The string to place as this section's title.
Icon An icon identifying the section
Collapsible Allows the section to be collapsed at run time. See Collapsible property for details.
Start collapsed Determines how, a collapsible element, is shown by default. See Start collapsed property for details.
Show borders Determines if the component has borders or not.
Layout Slot Name

Contains the name of the Attributes (Dynamic Layout Definition) node in the dynamic layout object referenced by this node.

This property is available only when this node's parent is a LayoutContent node.

Descriptions Layout Determines where to place the variable's and attribute's descriptions on the screen, relative to them.
Align Determines the alignment of the table in which the attributes and variables are placed. Note: Only available in Web Panels.
Responsive Sizes Determines the layout of the items contained in this control according to the screen size of the device used in runtime. For more information, see Introduction to Responsive Web Design and Responsive Sizes Properties.
SDT or BC property Determines the SDT or Business component that is used in this attributes node (if any). See Add SDT for more information.
SDT or BC Level property Contains the name of the SDT or Business component level that applies to this attributes node (if any).

Child nodes

ColumnsIcon Columns VariableIcon Variable AttributeIcon Attribute
GroupIcon Group TabsIcon Tabs LineSeparatorIcon LineSeparator
ActionIcon Action ComboActionIcon Action groups TextblockIcon Textblock
WebComponentIcon WebComponent