ComboAction (Pattern)

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This node can be used in K2BEntityServices and K2BPrompt to add an combo action to the generated interface. ComboActions can be used to group a set of similar actions consuming less space in the final interface. Typically, this can be used to include actions that are not used frequently by the end user.

Unlike ComboActions in K2BWebPanelDesigner, this node allows the developer to choose in which area of the interface the action should be placed. See Position property in actions for more information.

Runtime Appearance

An example is shown below. In this example, "MoreActions" and "Advanced" are ComboActions.

ActionsDefinition ActionsSectionRT
Actions Definition Actions Runtime Appearance


Category Name Value
General Name The node's Id. Must be unique inside the interface.
Caption The string that will be shown prompting the user to select an option.
Layout Position in the interface where this action will be shown. See Position property in actions for more information.

Child nodes

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