K2BEntityServices Pattern


K2BEntityServices is a GeneXus Pattern that generates the basic interfaces needed to access and manage instances of a certain entity. This is implemented mainly via a WorkWith interface and an EntityManager interface.
These interfaces are generated automatically by the pattern and can be customized by the developer using the pattern instance.

WorkWith interface

Work With default interface

This interface allows the end user to see all instances of the entity, and use various filters to find particular instances.
Also, the interface contains actions to Insert, Update, or Delete instances of the entity, and to create PDF Reports and Excel exports with the data shown.
The developer may also add custom Actions to act on the entity instances.

Entity Manager interface

Entity Manager default interface

This interface allows the end user to see the details of an instance, along with how the instance relates to other entities in the system. In this case, a product is shown, along with its relations.

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